Tuesday, October 7, 2008

4. Car Companies

1. Foot digit + little green master
2. Bored at exhaling loudly
3. A helper of clubs that is missing something
4. Ghost + light the candle
5. To hella cry
6. Your siblings daughter that warms you up
7. Gangsta Rapper
8. Protruding from your belly
9. BJ
10. Ottowan
11. German people with a radio flyer
12. Street Fighter
13. Rings
14. "Get off my plane!"
15. The 16th leader
16. Girl's name England's clock
17. Female soft spot
18. Open your mouth, take medicine, open your mouth
19. Penny pinching fob
20. Fallen 8
21. A cook needs an antacid.
22. Babe death
23. Tears underneath your house
24. Ball
25. Luthor's Country
26. Bus Moms Walk
27. In a thermometor

Monday, October 6, 2008

3. Las Vegas Casinos

1. High in the sky
2. Desert
3. (Adressing a man + swear) x 2
4. The French
5. X marks the spot on this place
6. Blinds
7. Are you seeing things?
8. OO7
9. Chinese "hellas"
10. Stormtrooper's friend #1
11. Wardrobe Levert
12. Burning nonstop
13. Julius' home
14. Italian beauty + Metro car
15. Gym
16. Heiress
17. Orbiting Los Angeles
18. 8th Warrior's dropped vehicle
19. City = State
20. 177 6 177 1000
21. Orange Juice
22. Stuck in a stone
23. Fortunately flying high
24. 18 postponed in SF
25. Necessary to fly a kite - d
26. Difficult earth
27. Comes in different cups
28. Turn your hand over
29. A ruby
30. Famous dirt

Friday, October 3, 2008

2. Fast Food Chains Match Ups

"For here? Nope..."
A place to buy red socks
American Fortress
Cheeto, Dorito, Pringle + Hawaii
Children's Toy
Chinese Animal
Confederate fowl 
DoubLe Kamehameha
Earthquake leaning tower
Extended common name 2nd place winner
Family Matter's son
Fast asian balls
Funky Homosapien Mbenga
German penis
Guile's move
Happy insect
King Arthur's furniture
Lactose bee
Leaning tower usually made of straw
Loves spinach
Mexican Beauty
New York's famous for this
Obese Meat
Parker's Friend with holes
Patty cowboy 
Pirate's sound + B
Racists minus 1
Really cold Australlians
Redbull Sign
Religious scaredy-cat
small salad
Squishing lemonade workers
Students hate this
Tiles with dots
Opposite of borrow
Who, What, Where...?

1. NBA MatchUps

Just to reiterate the rules:

No opening up any sort of sports webpage to see the list of names. All of this must come from the top of your head. Each clue represents 1 NBA team with no repeats. No looking at a map either! Good luck! Scores will be posted...


Copy and paste the list below into a Google Document. In the next column put your answers, and then share your completed document.

100 equals Ben
Florida Kingdom
Little Mac's Bald Foes
Four, Six, Ten, or Twenty
Some Beards
Intelligent Hunters?
Prepares to Spit
Behind Smokers
Urinate Bucket Loads
Great To Find In Your Pocket
Quidditch Players
Gas station + Abulance Destinations
#1 Pins
One Prince's Best Friend
Tigers Named Robert
Wooden Boy Cries
Cruise's Days
Urges Action
Sails Among Great Ones
Reject or Veto
Prostitue's Stockings
A Goose's Sidekick
With or Without Guards